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Laundry Locker Software Consultation

Laundry Locker Software Consultation

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If you have software that is compatible with laundry lockers then that's great. However, if you don't use a dedicated software to manage your business or your software is not laundry locker compatible then you are going to need a management system to operate a laundry locker business.

Determining the right software option to suit your business needs can be challenging. Several existing providers have in-built laundry locker functionality. These include:

  • CleanCloud
  • MyLockers
  • SMRT Systems 

However, with in-depth knowledge of each software functionality and price point, it is easier to decide which operating software is right for your business.

We offer a consultation designed to determine the right software for your business. 

*We do not make commissions on software sales.

*You will get 2 months free on the software to make up for your investment in the consultation.

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