• Offer Ultimate Convenience

    Contact-free pick-up and drop-off, available at your customersdoorstep, open 24/7 with automated payment.

  • Get More Customers

    Expand the reach of your business directly into apartments, offices, gyms, supermarkets and more.

  • Compete Fiercely

    Be fast to integrate lockers in your local market to claim valuable real estate and create a stronger competitive pressence.

  • Under 5k Investment

    Get all of the hardware, software. know-how and materials you need to set up quickly for under 5k.

  • Reduce staff costs

    Automate all or some of your pick-ups and deliveries in-store. To reduce staff expenses and stay operational.

  • Optimise pick up and delivery

    Pick-up and drop-off multiple orders at the same time to optimise delivery routes.

  • The Ground Work is Done

    We have gone through the hard yards so you don't have to

  • Low Overheads

    Buildings do not charge rent or commission for installations making fixed overheads almost non-existent.

  • Jan Wodnicki - Yashu Washu, Chicago

    "Laundry Wise are the reason we not have over 20 laundry locker locations across Chicago, or have automated our store to keep it profitable after COVID. Thank you!"

  • Luke Williams - Breezy Laundry Lockers, Melbourne

    "Our automated store, and over 50 locations across Melbourne, Australia are there because of the team at Laundry Wise"


The one-stop-shop for all your laundry locker needs

Everything you need to set up profitable dry cleaning and laundry lockers


Choose locker and lock types


Design your lockers to suit your brand


Market your laundry locker services effectively


Save money and time with laundry locker packages


Get locations for the installation of laundry lockers

A community you can count on

Once you partner with us you will get access to a community of people growing laundry locker businesses all around the world. Learn from them and share your ideas.