• Learn how laundry lockers work for owners and how they work for customers

  • 1. System setup

    We either integrate with your existing software provider or help setup a new system to operate the lockers. Some providers we integrate with include Clean Cloud, SMRT systems CENTS and more.

  • 2. Setup Equipment

    We provide you with the lockers and locks but also with everything you need to market your new laundry locker service to potential customers.

  • 3. Customers Place Orders

    Customers scan the QR code on the lockers to be redirected to the app to make an order.

  • 4. Pick Up Orders

    An order appears for pickup in the drivers app, and can be seen in the owners section of the app

  • 5. Drop Off Orders

    The driver collects the order, brings it to the factory to clean and process, then drops it into an unlocked locker ready for pickup.

  • 6. Get Paid

    Before the order details are made available to customers their CC on file is charged

  • Account creation

    Customers create an account online, locker their garments in an open locker and use the app to place an order.

  • Client receives the code

    Once the order is collected, cleaned and delivered back to a locker they are identified which locker the order is in and the code to open it

More about our laundry lockers

These battle-tested lockers and locks have been designed for the purpose of handling a large variety of dry cleaning and laundry orders. They are built to last with an expected 15+ year life span.

  • Space Requirements

    Lockers are designed to fit look sleek and stylish in any environment.

  • Locker Decals

    We can customise the decals on the lockers to suit your building

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