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Custom Marketing Materials Package | Promote Your Laundry Lockers

Custom Marketing Materials Package | Promote Your Laundry Lockers

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Our comprehensive suite of marketing materials are tailor-made for promoting your laundry locker services within stores, apartment buildings, and various other locations. We understand the importance of solid branding and consistent colour schemes, so our products are custom designed to resonate with your business's aesthetic.

Large Promotional Banners: Command attention with our large promotional banners. Placed strategically next to a locker bank, these banners are designed to attract attention and deliver a succinct explanation of your services. They include a compelling call to action encouraging first-time users to try your services.

Mid-Sized Posters: Our mid-sized posters are perfect for spaces like elevators and notice boards. They are designed to raise awareness about your service, with compelling visuals and clear information paths to learn more.

Collapsible 6-Sided A4 Brochures: These comprehensive brochures are a portable information hub for potential customers. They can be neatly placed on concierge desks or attached to lockers themselves. The brochures are designed with a detailed 'How It Works' guide, price list, and relevant contact information, giving interested customers everything they need to know about your service.

Gift Vouchers: Sized conveniently like business cards, these gift vouchers serve as a tangible incentive to encourage the usage of your laundry lockers. They can be distributed in mailboxes or handed out in-store. They are an excellent promotional tool that gives potential customers a valuable reason to try your services.

Each of these marketing tools is designed with your brand's unique identity in mind, offering a cohesive and effective way to promote your laundry locker services. Our suite of promotional materials ensures maximum visibility, engages customers, and effectively communicates the benefits of your services while maintaining your brand's distinctive appeal.

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