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2000D RFID Laundry Locker Lock

2000D RFID Laundry Locker Lock

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The 2000D RFID Laundry Locker Lock is designed specifically for Laundry Wise Laundry Lockers to provide enhanced security and convenience for customers and drivers.

Featuring a keypad with a background light for easy use in low-light environments and a fault-tolerant input and hidden handle design for added security. The lock will continue functioning with an external power backup even when internal battery power is low. Four standard AA-size alkaline batteries power the lock with a lifespan of over 20,000 uses and an additional 200 uses with low energy indication.

Built-in notifications include incorrect code alarms, illegal key alarms, anti-theft alarms, and low-voltage alarms to ensure increased security and convenience for your laundry locker service.

Batteries are not included.

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